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Not Hiring

Why hasn’t the Dead licensed Passenger to the lottery?

Powerball! The only game in town!


  1. Because it doesn’t say that. It says “Parable, They only came to town.” Obviously the “only came to town” part is a brilliantly self-referential line in the TMNS mode about the impermanence of the experience of, well, the BAND coming to town (which is a “false alarm” because of its illusion of a kind of utopian permanence. Very Buddhist of them.) They claim it says something else. Which I only found out when I finally looked it up, to find out why they sang “parable.” (Is life itself only a kind of parable?) But they’re wrong. If you trust those guys to sing the right lyrics or right them down correctly, then I’ve got a winning lottery ticket to sell you.

    • Let’s assume for a second… I mean, did someone actually think the lyric was Powerball? If we accept that, does that make the idea of licensing it to the lottery sane? No it don’t, which is what makes this a humorous blogging. Besides, Passenger sucks anyway (sorry Phil.)

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