Boxing Day in Texas 1969 at the McFarlin Auditorium on the campus of SMU.

Billy is still on an airplane, so they give the longhairs some country music to open up: an always-fun Monkey and the Engineer, an out-of-tune All Around This World, and a one-time only rendition of The Master’s Bouquet.

Then there is a Dark Star>New Speedway Boogie. Dark Star>New Speedway Boogie is a thing that happened, it was recorded, and I am pointing it out to you to enjoy.

But yet you are still here. Go to the enjoyment: it calls you, and offers mai tais and tittyfucking.

You have to know it off with that.

What’s bad about either of those things?

Absolutely nothing. It’s just the repetition makes it weird.

Bloody mary and a lubed-up armpit?