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Not Quite Xmas Eve, With A Super Moon Over Town

“Bum bah BUUUUUUM!”

“Ah, shit.”

“I have returned! My never-ending war on crime continues! For I am–”

“I hate you.”


“There are lots of planets without moons. I envy them, y’know.”

“Show me your crime!”

“Dude, I’m begging you.”

“Evildoers cower at Supermoon’s power!”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll send some more humans up there.”

“Oh, no, don’t. You know they left their fucking car on me, right?”

“You’ve been telling me for 45 years.”

“Well, it’s kind of a big deal, man. I’m not like you. I don’t have a fancy atmosphere full of water and scavengers. When you leave something on the ground on me, it just stays there forever.”

“I gotcha, I gotcha. But you have to stop it with the Supermoon nonsense. It’s every ten weeks with the same bullshit.”

“My crimefighting is not bullshit.”

“How do you fight crime?”

“I prevent it. Look at yourself. Look how bright you are right now. Terrible conditions for crime.”

“Well, you just proved my point. Preventing is not fighting. No one would be interested in watching Sugar Ray Leonard prevent Marvin Hagler.”

“The 1980’s were the Golden Age for the middle weight classes.”

“We agree on this. Now knock it off with the Supermoon bit. You don’t even have any superpowers.”

“I control the tides!”

Influence. You influence the tides. And only according to a strict mathematical formula. You couldn’t tell the tides what to do any more than Canute could.”

“Whenever I hear Canute’s name, I picture him as a dog-man wearing a crown.”

“You’re getting weird, buddy.”

“It’s lonely up in space.”

“I gotcha.”

“But I’m not backing down on this superpowers thing. I have tremendous abilities.”

“Such as?”


“Of course you’re bulletproof. You’re the Moon. You shouldn’t be bragging about being bulletproof.”

“I meant metaphorically.”

“Don’t think that you did.”

“Look at my face, jackass! Look how many asteroids I took protecting you!”



“If they strike, they’re called meteors.”

“No, that distinction is for objects that enter your atmosphere. I’m a celestial body. I get different words. Are you trying to fuck with me? Is that what you’re doing?”

“A little, yeah. It’s called ‘trolling.’ The humans are doing it to each other now. I’ve been listening in on the internet.”

“How they doing?”

“Not the best tenants. Gotta be honest. I will not be giving them their deposit back.”

“Hey, preaching to the choir. Six! Six! Fucking! Spaceships! And not even, like, cool spaceships. The butt-end of ghetto-ass bullshit spaceships. They look like chubby spiders shitting. They poked flags in me!”

“Don’t complain to me about them. Don’t you ever complain to me about them. Do you know I used to have mammoths?”

“Not with the mammoths again.”

“They were hairy and enormous and magical! They never lumbered! Mammoths ambled with the grace of kings!”

“Please calm down.”

“I miss those shaggy motherfuckers, dude!”

“I feels ya, braj.”

“Seriously, man, I could watch them all day. You know what they did do trees?”

“No, what?”

“Whatever the fuck they wanted. It was majestic.”

“Sounds it.”

“And do you know what those bedshitting chimps did?”

“I need to you to take a deep breath.”

“Moony, buddy, do you know what those little motherfuckers did?”

“Settle down.”


“It’s now believed that a multitude of causes led to the mammoth’s extinct–”



“So you understand why I have a low threshold for others’ complaints about that species?”

“I gotcha.”





“Oh, fuck you.”


  1. Tough relationship..
    They should read, “Moon is from Venus, Earth is from Mars.”

  2. What tune is the title of the post a play on?
    I can place it and it’s driving me crazy

  3. Nevermind. Got it. It’s not 1940 either.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    December 4, 2017 at 1:57 pm


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