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Not Slade Away

Besides the Winterland gig and perhaps getting herpes from the same teen fox, the Dead and Slade had very little in common. I would assume Slade would have run into, and been surreptitiously dosed by, Sam Cutler at one point. Both frontmen started as the chubby guy and ended as the fat guy.

They never made it big in the States, but were huge in England, and both of those things make sense: Slade was a tremendously British band. Noddy Holder–the main guy–dressed like a pantomime character and looked like the Doctor Who with the stupid scarf.

If we’re doing Thoughts on the Slade, then I’m going to break your legs and set the house on fire. I will not be party to Thoughts on the Slade.

I just wanted to post the video Spencer found.


You seem tense.

Lot on my plate.

We’re not doing TotS.

I mean: how many thoughts could one even have about Slade?

The two paragraphs above were the totality of mine. I have their Greatest Hits and know the lead singer’s name.

It’s a good rock name.

Noddy Holder is a great rock name. Also a good name for an old-time baseball player.

Batting third for the Cincinnati Redlegs, Noddy Holder.

Wait, I also knew that he was one-third of the Rock and Rock Top Hat Club.

Him, Mark Bolan, and Slash?

Good company. Anyway, just to show that Six Degrees of Roy Head is totally a thing, here’s Slade doing Just A Little Bit at Winterland back in ’75:


  1. OK whew I was gonna ask if people didn’t suggest enough Scarlet Fires or something

  2. Don’t forget the spelling thing: Slade’s biggest hits were “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and “Guduby t’ Jane”. The weird spelling was some sort of marker of something, i don’t know what.

    Slade’s hits were covered by Quiet Riot at some point. Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Quiet Riot at rock bottom, in the late 90s, playing an Italian restaurant in suburban San Ramon, CA, to a few hundred disinterested patron? A long way from Heavy Metal Day On The Green. Good times.

  3. oh yeah! middle school would not have been complete without ma mama we’re all crazee now

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