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Now The Senator Came Down Here


So, did any of you talk to a Unites States Senator recently?

Thanks to the sleuthing of Respected Commentator BoobTube–


–we can safely say this picture was taken the night of 8/3/94 at the old Giants Stadium, which I am linking to for the same reason people slow down at car accidents, or watch those Faces of Death videos, because in addition to it being a terrible performance of a horrid setlist: it’s AUD-only.

Caveat Auditor.

(Senators get good seats to things. I should’ve majored in Being a Senator.)


  1. Wow, first Gans and now Sen. Leahy. You’ve arrived, or something.

  2. Interesting, they’re showing up on my end, but I put in the links and they turned them into photos that are displaying.



    For lack of a better solution, I’ve replaced the http at the beginning with totd – if you copy paste the URL and put http back, it should work.

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