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jm deadandco drums snapchat cinccinnati

He’s Snapchatting during Drums. Drums is not for Snapchatting, it’s for doing the lines your roadie has laid out for you and getting a quick beej.

Also: I haven’t mentioned this since the tour started, but I spent a few minutes listening to the second set from Deer Creek, and if I see any of you in any of those unholy Couch Tour chat rooms, then I will mock you publicly. I don’t make many demands of you, Enthusiasts, but staying out of those chat rooms is non-negotiable. It’s for your own good, and if you don’t believe me: go look for yourself, and then come back here and apologize to me.

EDIT: They’re discussing BitCoin in the chat room. I see you there, and you get the Banninator 4200. No exceptions.

But, Jesus: he’s Snapchatting during Drums. It’s like having a puppy.


  1. Yeah, but like…a puppy with thumbs. So it can Snapchat.

  2. I learned my lesson Caped Crusader.

  3. All the lonely people
    where do they all belong?

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