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How about some reading material, Enthusiasts? Collected from around the innertubes and–dare I say–curated just for you out of love, respect, friendshipliness, all that nonsense: here are places to go, stuff to watch, balls to itch, petitions to sign, and one link that, when clicked upon, will hijack your computer in order to mine Bitcoin. (And, yes, you are right to find humor in the fact that mining Bitcoin is speeding up Climate Change; that shit’s deeply funny.) Here we go:


There’s a school in Palo Alto, which is the town that services Stanford University, named Jordan Middle School. This is in honor of a former Stanford president named David Starr Jordan, who was born in Upstate New York in 1851. Now, Enthusiast, your average fellow or filly born in Upstate New York in 1851 would believe a whole bunch of bullshit we’d find abhorrent today, but DSJ wasn’t average: he advocated for the betterment of the blood, and if that sounds Nazi-ish to you, it should; Hitler stole many of DSJ’s ideas about eugenics.

He also may or may not have covered up the murder of his boss’ wife, or murdered her himself.

Naturally, there’s a movement–or, actually, several competing movements–to rename the facility. Some land on the side of efficiency and cost, pointing out that since the school doesn’t bear DSJ’s full sobriquet, just his last name, it would be easy to rechristen the building after Michael Jordan or Barbara Jordan or whomever. Others want to name it after Steve Jobs; these people are assholes.

There is, thankfully, a good idea: name the school after Pigpen. The ol’ Pig–when he was just a little bitty Piglet–went to Jordan Middle, where he studied Lovin’, Juicin’, and Makin’ It With Foxes; he also smoked cigarettes under the bleachers. TotD backs this plan, obviously, as Pigpen was not (as far as we know) a rabid eugenicist.


Josh has a new guitar! It looks like this:

And no matter what you think, it’s not a Strat. Sure, your eyes are telling you that it’s a Strat, but who you gonna believe: Grammy-winner and clotheshorse Josh Meyers or your eyes? Look at the headstock! Totally not a Strat. Still don’t buy it? Well, go listen to him explain how it’s not a Strat for 40 minutes.

There’s a line from Shakespeare that applies here, methinks.


Hey, guess who the Dead treated like second-class citizens? Did you guess “women?” Well, good for you, smartypants.


  1. I love that Josh had to get a Strat from PRS. Lot’s a guitar people on forums are laughing about it. As a player, the headstock arrangement of 3 tuners per side will make a subtle difference in weight distribution & string tension. The guitar would be more intriguing if it was set neck. Then it would be much different than a Strat with a bolt on neck. I guess he just wanted to feel like Carlos. The scale length is slightly different than a Fender so it might stay in tune better when in the upper fret regions(Fender is 21 fret in 25.5″ scale with Josh’s guitar being 24 frets in 25.375″ This would intonate differently up the neck especially for the noodling that Josh incessantly does).

    The Super Eagle II is better looking instrument and is more unique. I don’t like PRS guitars(I am a Tele player for about 4 decades now), but they are well crafted instruments.

  2. There may be an opportunity for a Dead two-fer here. Bill Kreutzmann attended Palo Alto High School – the same HS that Pigpen was expelled from – but I don’t know what middle school he went to. If it was Jordan, then it could be renamed in honor of both of them. If Billy went to Terman, that’s another school about to undergo a name change because of its namesake, Lewis Terman, who invented the IQ test but was also a eugenicist. So the Dead could have two middle schools in PA!

    (Don’t confuse Lewis Terman with his son, Fred, who was the engineering professor who introduced two of his students, William Hewlett and David Packard, to each other in the 1930s, and is widely regarded as the father of Silicon Valley. There is no evidence that he shared his father’s racial beliefs.)

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    March 22, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    it’s got an organ in the back

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