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Of Course He Is

mickey sammy drums

  • Is Mickey jamming with Sammy Hagar?
  • Is Mickey jamming with Sammy Hagar for Sammy Hagar’s new reality show?
  • Sammy Hagar’s doing a reality show?
  • Is Mickey wearing a Dead shirt?
  • Is Mickey having one of his moments where he thinks he’s Jesus?
  • Is Mickey giving a lecture about the history of whatever wooden doodad he’s currently whacking to the cameraman?
  • Seriously, Sammy Hagar’s doing a reality show?
  • Is Billy hopped up on meth and tequila, perched in the air ducts dressed in a tactical Hawaiian shirt and about to see how prepared Mickey’s barn is for a terrorist attack?


  1. Pretty sure whatever is going between Mickey and the Red Rocker is preferable to this:

  2. Isn’t Mickey “playing” one of those Nikola Tesla-like “Good Vibrations” machines? I don’t even give two craps what they’re really called anymore. Once was cool but that was oh-so-twenty-minutes-ago.

    I hope he’s off to the Fermi Lab after this.

    Mickey “Rapping?” Nobody cares. Don’t expect this one to go #1 in Turlock.

    “What The Kids are doin’?” Fucking “really,” Mickey?

  3. You sure that’s Sammy Hagar? Kinda looks to me like Bruce Vilanch.

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