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Official White House Statement On Anti-Semitism, 2/21/17

The Trump Administration is dismayed by the recent wave of Anti-Semitic attacks plaguing the country. There have been bomb threats called in to Jewish community centers, vandalism at Jewish cemeteries, and someone in St Louis put mayonnaise on a corned beef sandwich. These disgusting acts must stop.

What also must stop are these unfounded and scurrilous attacks on the president, who–it must be noted–has never been caught on tape saying anything obviously anti-Semitic. No administration has ever been more supportive of Israel than this one, and as we all know: Israel equals Jew, just like Inner City equals Black.

The statement today from the so-called Anne Frank Center was based in deviousness and a hatred for Christians that is, sadly, a congenital feature of those people. The president would also like to make it clear that he prefers Jews that don’t hide. Similarly, the president wants America to note that he has written over a dozen books, while Anne Frank only wrote one. Lazy!

As you know, President Trump won his office by the greatest margin ever seen in America, which means he can’t be an anti-Semite. President Trump’s grandchild, whom he has nicknamed Blondi, is also Jewish. The president’s accountants are also Jewish because, you know, it’s not like he’s going to hire a Mexican to do math.

The White House condemns all explicit acts of intolerance against the Jews, and wishes that people would follow President Trump’s lead and be less blatant about it.

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  1. I recall a few weeks back there was a coordinated multi state bomb threat.. It was one of those things where I thought

    ” that deserves the front page, because, well…. here we go”

    Anyway, well… here we go.

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