Since there’s been so much going on–

John Mayer wore an outfit and everyone lost their minds

There were also several terrorist attacks.

And that certainly couldn’t be said about any other three-day period in 2016.

Please allow me to dissemble and rationalize in peace.

Go to it, slugger.

Thank you. The new Dave’s Pick, number 19 in what will hopefully be an infinite series, has been announced and while it’s a show from the 70’s, it is a show that is just barely from the 70’s: 1/23/70 (and most of the 24th) from Honolulu, HI.

I need to listen to this show again before I comment. Honestly. Listened to is a few days ago, and I trust David Lemieuseumofnaturalhistorx, so I need to listen to it again before I decide that I don’t like this show.

Watch the video and let him sell you on it; also, DL reveals that he believes that Killer Whales are named that because they’re just so awesome. (“They just kill it, y’know?)