Some Canadian DJ with an implausible name–Johnny Gotchamonkey or somesuch–has been fired. Fired! And the only thing he did wrong was a consistent, well-documented pattern of physically and sexually assaulting women. (Not to mention the reporting seems very one-sided: there are no witnesses to the DJ’s tipping habits, which are said to be very generous. No, there is just page after page of women noting which part of their face they were punched in. Yellow journalism, I say.)

You used to get away with being a monster: Bing Crosby beat his children like he was training for the Olympics.

Billy built his work camp Billschwitz twice, just like the Death Star. (He was giving Garcia a tour of the first version when it mysteriously and predictably burned to the ground.)

At first, everyone was fine with it and accepted Billy’s rationale for the build (“I have a ranch: what else m I gonna do with all those acres?”) but then people started thinking about it a bit deeper and began asking pointed questions about who was going to populate said work camp and there was a meeting in which Billy was squirrelly about specifics and right after the meeting someone grafiiti’d the bathroom “Ethnic Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and Billy had Sharpie all over his hands and no more money went to the project.