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Old Master

43 years ago today was Veneta. I’ve written about it before: you can bathe in my glory and insight and dong observations here.

After you’ve read about it, you may watch it here:

Following which, you should do your best artistic interpretation of Veneta. You may use any medium you choose. Here’s mine:

veneta art jerry dong paint


  1. BCT run is better musically. They’re actually in tune for most of it. That’s my interpretation. Great DS and a few other things though.

  2. the link doesn’t work

  3. for me it just goes to today’s post on wordpress. i do love your picture of jerry.

  4. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    August 27, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    so good. very generous with Pole Buddy too. if i had the canvas, no freckles stringwarts low level autoimmune disorder, i’d get this as a tat.

  5. I see Veneta, I see your picture of Jerry, I see 3 short paragraphs of instruction.

    You just gave us an assignment that involves watching 2 hours of youtube and then making a picture.

    I suspect Spencer will be ready in 5 minutes, but he is a neural network in Google’s datacenter, so he is really not cheating.

    The rest of us will be tempted to cheat and read the cliff notes and then post.

  6. For me, and my browser and my world..

    Yes it is fixed. Mac, Chrome.

    I never noticed it broken and I got here pretty early.

  7. sorry but i had to change my seat, i.e. leave the theater bc of that guy

  8. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 27, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    “I would make fun of how Keith looked had he appeared in the movie. I definitely heard him, so I think he was there, but…”

    As I recall you can actually see him once or twice from the back, for a total of about 5 seconds.

  9. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 27, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    As if we don’t all already have enough to read:
    says they dosed the camerapeople. That would definitely explain the inability to hold the camera steady.

    • so many reading/watching/listening/creating assignments! how will i finish?

    • Whether the Pranksters dosed the camerapeople or the camerapeople dosed themselves is not perfectly clear. What is clear is which version makes the better story.

      Everybody in the film except the children and dogs is dosed to the eyeballs. The movie is a propaganda film on the benign nature of Dr Hofmann’s invention.

      Could Grateful Dead play Birdsong that well unenhanced? I have been unable to find any evidence that they could.

  10. I spit up my drink when I opened your art!!

  11. Behind every great man… there is something really freakin wonderful and scary. hahahahha

  12. “I am a bird. Be the bird, me. Be the bird.”

  13. That drawing gave me the lulz, as the youngins say. You capture the essence of naked pole guy and his undoubtedly splintered wang incredibly well.

  14. will you sue me if i put that picture of jerry on tshirts and sell them at the red rocks show in november? because that is my current plan.

  15. Here is my art..

    You are wrathful and spiteful Blogger..

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