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Olsen Shmolsen

Keith Olsen (left) produced Terrapin Station, which might be the saddest Dead album. Not the  material–there isn’t even a ballad on the record, unless you want to count Mrs. Donna Jean’s Sunrise–but the doings and transpirings behind the scenes. They tried so hard on this record. Hired a big-time producer with a big-time haircut, trucked in violinists by the bushel, had Parish nail the studio doors shut from the outside. (Perfectly safe. Not like anyone in the band was constantly setting his surroundings on fire. No worries.)

Then the record came out and no one gave a shit. Lucy pulled the football away again.

Fun fact: Mickey’s first opinion of Keith Olsen was that he was “too small to hit.”

Funner Fact: Mickey still hit him.


  1. I think the Dead should have taken at least one stab at “Talk Talk” (the 1966 hit of The Music Machine, for which Keith Olsen played bass)

  2. “left”.. lol

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