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On Differences


  • Junk, exterior.
  • Junk, interior.
  • Some other stuff, mostly minor, all physical.

Listen to the marquee. Just a note, though: wolverines should not be raised the same way as boys or girls. They are very different. In fact, a wolverine might not even need raising, and why do you have a baby wolverine, anyway? Goddammit, are you breaking into the zoo again?

You okay?


Me neither, but you’re being weird.

What if we all just went to a place.

You’ll need to be so much more specific.

All the normal humans, and by that I mean the ones who are terrified right now, because I do not consider anyone who is not terrified to be normal.

Good metric.

Thank you. So: all the people who want to be calm and reasonable and not elect madmen, like, gather. We all go the same location.

They’ve got the guns, but we’ve got the numbers.

The Doors? Really?

I thought it was appropriate.

The Doors are never appropriate. And plus: what the fuck are you talking about? These calm and reasonable people we’re talking about are still Americans. There’ll be a shitload of guns.


So we take Mazatlan and give it back to Mexico.

Why not Canada?

Wanting to go to Canada is racist.


But, you know: we make a deal with their government, so we’re not Mexico Mexico.

Say no more, say no more.

And then we close it on up behind us. With a physical barrier, probably.

A defensive emplacement designed to keep out intruders and separate “in” from “out?”


Like a fence?

Bigger than a fence.

Goddamn you.

I wanna build that motherfucker his wall. And I wanna be on the other side of it.

Mexico still paying for it?

Fuck, yeah. Far as I’m concerned, they owe us a wall.

I completely agree.

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