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d-day landing craft

Thoughts on the Dead will be written in English today, and it will be about whatever the hell the subject I feel like writing about.

Because of these men.


  1. Robert Schwartz

    June 6, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    For Marty Modeck:

    Back in the 80s I used to work with this old guy, he was made fun of, he used to collect deposit cans even though he had a good union job and all sorts of other odd things….

    One June 6th he comes up to me and says, “Schwartz, you know what day it is today?”

    I says, “D-day Marty.”

    He goes, “You know where I was on D-day?”


    “Omaha Beach. You know what I did on Omaha Beach?”

    “No Marty, what?”

    “I shit my pants, that’s what.”

    Thank you Marty. This joints for you.

  2. God bless all our men and women in uniform

  3. dammit, you always make me tear up when i least expect it! i thought it was going to be a post about books we should read on the beach this summer. thank you! i am so grateful to the men and women in uniform, past and present, who allow us all tremendous freedoms.

  4. Amen.

    • Wrote this in Beach, Boys but it belongs here.

      For my family members in the military going back to the 1860’s through Viet Nam, and in WWII (4th Inf DV and 88th Inf DV) from France up to the Hurtgen Forest and in Italy at Cassino (detached) the battles for the Gustav Line, Rome, Arno River, PO Valley, Gothic Line…thanks for posting this.

      Fucking Google couldn’t be bothered to note this on their main page, which the usual for them. But you did and it’s appreciated

  5. Some of the hippies I associate with will ask why I often say “thank you” to military veterans. Rather than talking about sacrifice and respect and doing something simple and hart felt that may improve someones day, I generally just say “if you love your freedom thank a vet”

    • Damn straight man. To think that most of em were just kids too (now that I’m well into my 40s they were kids).

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