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On The Right To Protest

Who has the right to protest?

The fucked.

Who doesn’t?

The fuckers.

Aren’t rights universal?

Perhaps I spoke too generally: while the powerful maintain within them (wherever rights are kept; maybe the spleen) some inalienable yet inchoate right to protest, they lack the ability. Protests flow upward, like not-water; a government can’t protest its people.

That would be very confusing.

I don’t even know how it would work. Senators with placards and bullhorns outside your house?

Let’s get back to the topic. When is it moral to inconvenience others during a protest?

That’s what protesting is, slappy. It’s bothering people until they do what you want them to do.

How can bothering people be moral?

Because the people you’re bothering can make you do what they want you to do.

Can you protest on the internet?

Get the fuck out of here.

I take that as a no.

I suppose you could economically–not buying from or going to certain sites–but the bullshit with the hashtags is not protesting. Fun, but not protesting.

Who gets to define the scope of the protest?

The aggrieved, but the community-at-large reserves the right to judge afterward. The true judgement of a protest is two-fold, though: does it result in action from those in power; and did it increase sympathetic knowledge of your cause among the public?

So the Middlebury College protest was a failure?

On every level. Any event that ends with a concussed polisci professor has to be placed firmly in the L column. Once it turned violent, the protest was no longer moral, and therefore no longer a protest: it was a mob.

But before that the protest was moral?


Shouting down a man who just wanted to speak his mind?

Ah, yes. Charles Murray. Whose mind is better than, say, a black mind?

What now?

Mr. Murray believes, and has argued for years,  That “intelligence” was something you could put a number on, and it was immutable and had everything to do with genetics.

I sense a follow-up sentence.

And that some ethnicities and races were smarter than others.

Bingo. Lemme guess: the “dumbest” genetic types just happen to be the folks who live in bad neighborhoods and go to shitty schools, right?

You must be psychic.

I’ve played this game before. And Charlie staunchly denies being a racist, of course?

Yes, it’s just that all of his highly suspect and subjective conclusions happen to be racist as shit.

Weird coincidence.

Funny, that.

So you believe the Middlebury students had the right to protest him?


To shout him down?

If someone came into your house and started spouting that bullshit, what would you do?

But doesn’t he have a right to speak?

And the students have a right to determine the standards of their community. And, Christ, maybe people are tired of being told they’re genetically inferior by some asshole with a microphone and a degree.

Can violent protest ever be moral?

Violent protest is not protest.


An act can only be termed an act of protest when done by the weak to the strong. To commit violence upon another person is to become the strong. This negates the application of the term “protest.” To protest is to refuse. Punching people is not protesting, even though punching people may in some cases be moral.

We covered that already.

It caused such nightmares.

What are the most effective forms of protest?

In order: public ridicule, secret-information-leaking, sabotage, standing outside the guy in charge’s office yelling, taking the block, shutting down all commerce and transit.

That escalated.

History proves that taking the capital does the trick every time. Nothing brings a ruling party down quicker than shutting down a capital.

You think it’s coming to that?

The fullness of time has surprises for all.


  1. Tuesday Jackson

    March 20, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Have you ever looked at your FBI file?

    Once upon a time a man in a dinner jacket was brimming with inquiries, but his wise polyglot colleague dissuaded him from soliciting an unpleasant society, and thus finally submerged this feverish thought beneath the lake of oblivion.

    That is all.

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