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One In Ten Thousand That Come To The Talk Show

bobby desk talk show

“Good evening. And, um, welcome to the – what are we calling this?

Weir Here? Are we going with this joke again? Okay, fuck it, why not: Hi, everyone and welcome to Weir Here with Bobby Weir. Tell ya the deal: we got the whole internet studio thing set up, right? And, you know: you can only get bands in so often and people will only put up with so many solo acoustic versions of the Weather Report Suite, so we’re gonna try doing a talk show.

“And, hey: if that Seth Myers kid can do it, then I can.

“So, uh, we got a monologue. Where are the monologue jokes? I had Mike Fleiss send some writers up from Los Angeles and they wrote me some good stuff, man. I really dug it; just, you know: big belly laughs.

“Wish I could find it. In the drawers? Nope: prop drawers. What is all this bullshit? Why do I have so many pencils? Am I taking the SATs nine times? Where is this damn monologue?

“Here it is; I got it. Okay: Bobby’s comedy monologue. When you think topical humor delivered in the classic setup-punch format, you think the Grateful Dead. Great stuff we got here: you’re gonna love it. Glasses on and…

“Goddammit: I forgot I’m dyslexic. I can’t read this. Fuck it: someone get my guitar.”


  1. Ooh ooh is he goina play weather report?

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