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One Last Cup Of Coffee

The people on my phone
are having so much fun.
They were just in Miami;
They are going to Los Angeles;
And their asparagus is angled just so.

My God, the asses.

There is a place in my phone
called Bali;
I don’t know where it is.
Maybe some sit-ups,
and crowd-fund new teeth.
Better teeth.
The right kind of teeth.
And I’ll find Bali.

The kitchen smells like coffee
from this morning;
the light was supposed to go on.
I told the light to go on.
The light didn’t go on.
I taught it a lesson.

Against the sink
and the wall
and then the sink again.
They’re sharp on the inside,
coffee machines.
I didn’t notice until later

This sort of thing doesn’t happen in Miami,
or Los Angeles,
or Bali,
wherever that is.


  1. A little Bali in your coffee is always a good way to start the morning, or afternoon.

  2. That’s good poesy, that is.

    Bali is an asteroid discovered in 1913. Highly over rated. Also cold.

  3. Best damn site on the interwebs……

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