Um, are we…like…all aware  of this fuckery?

I mean…heh, heh…who are the ad wizards who came up with…holy shit, why?! WHY?

One of the selling points in the ad is “Serendipity.” The computer game where you pretend to be a tie-dye Ewok going to shows you have owned for decades but you get to pay for it is offering me “serendipity.” I might get to meet any one of the several thousand bearded weirdos that habituate every other Dead sites. Except, you know: for free, and without the implication of being a cyber-furry.

(Thoughts On The Dead says: don’t be a Cyber-Furry, kids. Furries shouldn’t have rights. Black Ford Falcons should pull up to their houses after dark and take them, away and forever. Sting could write a song about it.)