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One More Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

Billy never punched John Belushi’s dick. Once at a party, he pulled a knife on Jim Belushi while screaming “World don’t want what you’re selling, you King of Also motherfucker.” And he was right, but it was a birthday party, and it was for a sick kid.

But he liked John.

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  1. The entire SNL catalog was (is? too lazy to check) was available on Netflix for a while. Billy plays a real good surly hick in this one. Don’t recall that had had any lines. Had any dialogue.

    David Cross’ book contains one or two chapters (too lazy…) about all the ways that Jim Belushi sucks. David Cross brought us Ronnie Dobbs, Tyranny of Round and married Doc Jacoby’s daughter, so I allow him to influence my worldview.

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