The Grateful Dead dealt with Daylight Saving Time in an idiosyncratic and varied fashion. Mickey, for example, once hauled off and decked a distressingly old man, turned to the others in the outing (they were on a trip to the bowling alley) and said “Guess that grandfather got clocked,” and then he put on his sunglasses and strode off purposefully. He came back right away, though, because it was his turn and Mickey was real competitive about bowling.

Phil took it seriously. He declared himself DST Marshall and put out a series of pamphlets about the “chronometric rejiggeration.” (That was what Phil called it and everyone made the cheap and racist joke that I won’t repeat here.)  He changed the clocks at Front Street assiduously, and when Phil had a family of his own, he instituted a strict policy of drills that everybody had to do–even the dog– and no one is happier than Jill that most everything just updates the time on its own now.