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One More


Despite all odds, it’s saturday night, so that means it’s time to dust off your rock and roll shoes and boogey to the Dead (Or What’s Left Of ‘Em.)

The show’s in Greensboro tonight, which may or may not be the capital of North Carolina, and I’ll post the streams when they pop up.


  1. I’m on the floor this evening, and getting my first dose of Mayer fans. And the “getting laid tonight” husbands of Mayer fans. Good lord, let it start and drown them the fuck out

    • What hath Irving Azoff wrought?

    • John Mayer Brother Love Traveling Salvation Show.

    • The slow jam backward ass intro into terrapin will freak the shit out of those Mayer Fans, and Mayer has been playing every note for us, not one note for them..

      Someone with better literary and comedic skills than I should write them a Dear John Letter..

      Letter from John,

      Dear Fans,

      I have to move on, it is not you it is me.

      We can maybe be friends again but for now I need some space,and some drums and some ramble on rose.

      By The Way..
      I used to carry Zanax in my pocket in case I had a panic attack..

      Ever since I tripped my brains out with Billy and Mickey in Sonoma, I feel fine letting things be as they are..

      I hope you are all fine with our new lack of relationship..

      See Ya..

      John M

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