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Only Obama Could Go To Cuba


Good ideas take work. Fighting cancer is a wonderful idea, and doctors and scientists and researchers toil long into the night mixing potions and chanting and summoning the Spirits of Health. (I do not know how medicine works.) Good ideas need constant maintenance and sober reflection to not crumble in the face of life’s apathy.

Bad ideas, though, are like weeds: they’ll grow until you set the roots on fire and salt the soil.

Viva Cuba.


  1. Alas the party is over. While the crippling American sanctions have devastated the poor Cuban people for the last 50 years or so. Teach them a lesson! The fringe ‘benefits’ is us Canadians could travel there without having to put up with American tourists. 50% of whom couldn’t find their own country on a map. Now what? I have to prove I’m Canadian as I had to,do in Mexico in the early 90’s where the folks were so used to Yankees claiming to be Canadian ( you mericans really have a bad rep, surprised by trump being popular, don’t be) they didn’t believe me. Anyway, I digress listen to chrome dreams the unreleased Neil young album from the 70’s if you are interested in changing your view of oil Neil, or silver and gold a beautiful album, verging on masterpiece.

  2. that’s nifty! they put a model of a 7-something-7 on top of that telephone pole! and in the same color sc heme as the cars, too!


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