Did you know that? I mean: it is Thump News reporting it. It’s a neat little trick–first he plays the four chords from every EDM song, and then he whacks on the strings like a bass drum; it sounds pretty nifty–but it’s by no means John Mayer’s only neat trick.

What other talents does our own Josh Meyers have?

  • John Mayer can withdraw money from an ATM using only his bank card.
  • Can add more hot water to his tub using only his toes.
  • Can get from Miami to Montreal using only I-95.
  • Can dress himself using only a team of stylists.
  • Can forget what he saw that time he walked into Billy’s dressing room without knocking using only copious amounts of alcohol.
  • Can kill a baby seal using only a truncheon.
  • Can find his bliss using only his heart. (No, sorry: that’s Bobby.)
  • Can identify the ripest heirloom tomato using only his extensive knowledge of heirloom tomatoes.
  • Can smile using only his eyes.
  • Can hand-wash his delicates using only the finest artisanal laundry detergents.
  • Can bang starlets using only his penis.