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Here’s another shot from the Oops concert, which had its anniversary yesterday.

I’ve been thinking about this since last night: someone needs to explain the thought process behind the borrowed guitars. Phil brought his! Did Garcia and Bobby stop at a music shop and pick out some axes? Did Jim Carroll (writer of The Basketball Diaries and the initial reason the Dead had heard of the Melk Weg) vouch for the instruments?

Did they just not want to carry their guitars? Was that the deal with the roadies, that they wouldn’t even pick up a guitar case? Because PHIL HAD HIS and if Phil could carry his guitar, then the other two could. Were they afraid their expensive, irreplaceable instruments would be stolen? Because that also makes no sense: how could something be safer in another country (West Germany, where they left all their equipment) than strapped to your shoulder?

The Grateful Dead makes no goddamned sense at all.


  1. Scottys only job was to carry Jerrys guitar. If he had the night off he would not have carried it.

  2. This is Scotty.

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