TotD is considering a serious downgrade in the ranking of 5/5/77: yes, the Sugaree is Hall of Fame–there can be no argument; this is a fact; it is true in the way the Moon is true and real in the way that hunger is real.

The rest of the show, however, is spotty and weirdly-paced and plagued with interminable bouts of tuning that kill any momentum that had accrued. The Scarlet>Fire is good, but a pale cousin to the famous Cornell version. After that is a mess, as well: a stand-alone St. Stephen with no jam, a criminally slow Sugar Mags, and, of course, more tuning-athons.

How dare you, Grateful Dead? How dare you play a show I find somewhat lacking in energy 40 years later? Did you consider my feelings at all, Grateful Dead?

What the fuck, man. Thought we were cool.