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There’ve been a few worthwhile books out for the 50th Anniversary–Deal and the great So Many Roads by David Browne come to mind–and this looks to be an excellent addition to the canon. (And right in time for Christmas.)

This is All a Dream We Dreamed is available in November and can be pre-ordered from Amazon now.

I would love to give you an early review, but for some reason, my free advance copy has not arrived. Was it stolen by my neighbors, none of who speak English? Was it eaten by an alligator, who also does not speak English? Was it destroyed by Mickey, angered at being left off the cover. (Mickey also does not speak English; everything you’ve heard him say for the past 50 years has been taught to him phonetically beforehand.)

“What a book,” I might say. “Get this tome or burn eternally in a Hell of your own making,” I might also say. “Blair Jackson has two last names, which makes him untrustworthy,” I would write and then delete because it makes me sound like a crazy person.

To this end, I am starting a petition on to get me an advance copy of the book.

Stop this. Please stop this.

How else can this problem be solved but through the public shaming of acquaintances and a cyber-petition?

Asking politely?


When people leave mean comments, you shouldn’t take it out on the rest of the readers.

He said I jumped the shark!

I know.

It was hurtful.

But it wasn’t true, so there’s that.

I haven’t jumped the shark?

No. You have to be good in the first place to jump the shark.

That makes me feel bettHEY, WAIT A MINUTE.


  1. Hey ToTD! Those who have not paid proper tribute should note that your prompt resulted in a 5-book preorder. Should be enough to nudge in front of Sammy on the NY Times best seller list! Woooooooooo!

  2. If you pay the $79.99 wordpress “business” option, you get the email address, work and home address, and name of wife and children of all comment posters. Just sayin.

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