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Other Times, It’s Raining Out

I must admit that I had not heard this before just now, and it is fucking beautiful and hilarious; also, the lead singer has an intermittent fake-British accent, which is the best kind of British accent, and he counts the song in three or four times which is the proper amount of times to count in a song.

I retract any and all slander and accusations leveled at The Pop-O-Pies.


  1. Sometimes, live, (tho not the time I saw them) they would just do a punk version of “Going Down The Road” and not do “Truckin'”

    • Plus they would do a 15 minute version of the donut song (“Make these donuts with extra grease/This bag is for the chief of police”). Rocked the Berkeley Square (1233 University as I recall )

  2. This may be my new favorite version of truckin’

    I’m still smiling.

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