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Out At The Ballpark

fenway pride.png

It’s been a sad and tiresome day, Enthusiasts, but here’s something sweet.

Also, here’s what homosexuality sounds like in Boston:

“Bro, I think yuh wicked hot.”

“Yuh wicked hot, dude.”

“We should FAAAAAHK.”

“No doubt, bro. Let’s FAAAAAAHK.”

And then they fuck.

“Hey! Say it right.”

“Say it right, RETAAAAHD.”

“What a  RETAAAAHD.”

“I’ll slap you silly, you shitty FAAAAAHK.”

Please stop this. Do you guys even have names?

“Gay Sully.”

“Gay Fitzy.”

Oh, that’s just lazy.

“Gonna kick you in NAAAAHDS.”

“Knife you in the CAAAAAAHK.”

Jesus, I can hear that vulgar bray in my skull. Wait, before you kick my ass: doesn’t the T stop running in ten minutes?


“We see you, we kick your ass.”

“Next time, RETAAAAAAHD.”


I’m kind of sorry I even began this, to be honest.

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  1. No joke, missing the last Red Line Braintree train suuuucks.

    If they leave that flag up until July 15 & 16, maybe Billy will say something again…

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