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Out-Of-Context Sean Spicer Quotes From The Past 72 Hours

  • “Many Jews have called President Trump to thank him for not including him in the message about Holocaust Remembrance Day.”
  • “Of course he’s not afraid of stairs.”
  • “That’s an excellent question, reporter from Breitbart wearing a Pepe costume.”
  • “Obama’s fault.”
  • “A giant, telepathic spider that lays her eggs inside your happiest childhood memories.”
  • “Nuking JFK airport is not out of the question.”
  • “Presidential retweet does not imply endorsement.”
  • “The Executive Order does not say Muslims can’t come in, it says that only people who aren’t Muslims can. Big difference.”
  • “Also Obama’s fault.”
  • “Math is not what the president’s thinking about right now; it’s America.”
  •  “I don’t have to give you proof; I said so.”
  • “The next 9/11 is days away, and the only thing standing between it and us is Allfather Trump. President. President Trump. Does anyone have any gum?”
  • “Senator Schumer is a pussy and the president will fight him.”
  • “The gays are next.”

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  1. I grew up with this abomination of a human being in Barrington, Rhode Island. The best I can do to describe him is that, even at a young age, he was basically Alex P. Keaton minus all redeeming traits.

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