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Out With The Old

As is my computer’s wont, it has again filled up with tabs I thought that I might give a shit about, but have since failed to muster up said shits. In the ongoing rearguard action to have a clean working space, I now pass them along to you, so that you may not give a shit about them.


The San Francisco Zoo named a wolf after Garcia; the wolf is on his fourth marriage.


Jambase interviewed Oteil, but have not given him a weekly advice column titled What’s the Deal with Oteil, and that is an oversight.


More unbearable fashion assholes cluelessly glomming onto the Dead while letting you know that they would never, ever listen to the band.


His inspiration: Deadheads, a term coined for the fans of the psychedelic rock band in the 70s The Grateful Dead, or rather, “inspired by what the daughter of a Deadhead would wear”. Although Johansson makes it clear that he himself is not a Deadhead, he was rather interested in how a daughter born into that subculture would interpret the lifestyle today.

First of all, the designer’s name is Jonny Johansson, which means he owes Jesse Jarnow money.  Second of all, fuck this guy. Third of all, copy-editing is not an option.

You’re one to talk about copy-editing.

That’s a professional website; I’m some jerk-off in Florida with a good imagination.

Yeah, maybe.


  1. Whenever civilians have to acknowledge the Grateful Dead, they always take pains to insure everyone they don’t really like the Grateful Dead. Why? If some Fashion Dude or Artist Bro was inspired by, say, a Claude Monet painting, even if they knew nothing about him they wouldn’t gratuitously add “but I don’t really like his art.”

    In the end, it’s all about Punching Hippies. What’s the harm in saying “I’m no expert, but Uncle John’s Band has a hummable melody?” I guess if your benefactors demand that you are a Hippie-Puncher, there is perceived harm.

    Serious, non-snark question: does Phish music face this problem? I am too old for Phish, don’t care, but have no brief against them. If some ArtBro says “I love this Phish [t-shirt/meme/album cover/festival thang]”, does he have to add “but I’m no Phish fan.”

    • Phish is a straight up punchline for the button down crowd.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      June 17, 2016 at 10:36 pm

      I think this is a bit more fashion-centric than it seems. Other creative types seem okay-ish with being known as Deadheads, but fashionistas were, are, and always will be hip, and the Dead weren’t, aren’t, and never will be.

      Although now that I think about it: if you spend your entire life thinking about clothes and fashion, then how could you possibly like the Dead? It makes sense, even though I agree with you that it just comes off as silly and dickish. (Or bitchy. Whichever gendered insult that means “unnecessarily mean” you prefer.)

  2. Hey fella. About link #3, the so called deadhead fashion horror show.
    Howzabout a NSFW and trigger warning to go with something like that next time.
    Jeezus Christ.

  3. I see the Zappa family is still as charming as ever.

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