Pussy Generation: “Would you mind not shooting black people so much?”
Clint Eastwood’s generation: “Did I see you using the wrong water fountain, boy?”

Pussy Generation: A push for greater diversity and representation in all walks of life.
Clint’s generation: Internment camps for those of the wrong blood.

Pussy Generation: First female major-party presidential candidate.
Clint’s generation: Don’t you worry your pretty little head about things like that, sweetheart.

And here’s the part I don’t understand; maybe someone can enlighten me: it is every bit as excellent to be a straight white guy today as it was in the 50’s. It’s still the hands-down easiest way to make your way through life in America, and it isn’t getting any worse. But it’s slightly less shitty today for everyone who isn’t than these so-called Good Old Days everyone keeps talking about.

You would think that would make people happy, but people don’t work that way.