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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Package Deal

billy papa mali trousers

Long a fan, customer, and shoplifter of Creepy Ernie’s House of Unacceptable Trousers, Billy has continued to support Creepy Ernie in his newest business venture: Creepy Ernie’s House of Unacceptable Bandmates.


  1. Old Billy looks like a truck driver named Dan who I used to see at the bar. We were acquainted for a few years but he always thought my name was Stu; I got sick of correcting him. One long night, a few of us drove out into the desert to Dan’s house to party after everyplace else closed. That was the night I found out he had a blow-up doll named Jon Benet, and after which I stopped hanging around Dan.

  2. The Desert is a creepy place. All kinds of weird stuff happens out there.

  3. Is that Jerry’s first MIDI rig behind them?

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