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Page Of Ultron

Jesse send you the hardcover version?

Of his book, Heads: A Biography of Psychadelic America, yes.

And instead of writing him, say, a little note thanking him or even just tweeting out an appreciative word, you did this.

This is so much better.

How so?

Books are art, right?




BOOM: double art. Jarnow should thank me.

He should so something.

I took his content and recontextualized it.

The man worked on that book for years. Do not call it content.

Did you know that I invented the remix?

Are you gonna do the thing with the sound effects, and then I describe them and everyone has so much fun?

I don’t have the energy.

You’d prefer Jarnow and Chill.


I’d take you with me, y’know?

Counting on it.

Why do you have an eyepatch?

Why do you not have one?


  1. leilani is gonna kick your ass if this continues

  2. Hey there maggie

    Oh Hey Hippie chick friend

    Is it about the Dolls?

    Action Figures ?

    No Dolls…

    You have to unfollow him on twitter,

  3. Hey Trey, I see you are using your guitar as a sort of puppet just like ToTD does..



  4. Just kidding. …

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