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Palatino, Emperor Of Fonts

I am now a hacker. You might have to clear your caches to see it, but I am a hacker and a super-genius. I can do things, and make myself useful to the community.

Now, I am going to drink a cup of coffee while pacing about my house being furious at all of you for making me do that. I will also be working on a first draft of the Donate Button Telethon and quite honestly: it’s up to you whether we all have to sit through it. 

Is everyone happy now? Typeface to all’s liking? Can we get back to it?

What is that we’re getting back to?

The part of this that doesn’t involve a CSS editor.

Well, yeah, okay. Learn anything about computer programming?

Doing the thing takes five minutes, but fucking around with it once it’s done takes hours.

Sounds right.


  1. Steven C. Seachrist

    February 24, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Congrats. That is so much better. I was going to stop reading altogether but now I will continue. You think I’m kidding? It was like someone else’s voice was coming out of your mouth. Or your voice was coming out of someone else’s mouth. That last one.

  2. Much better. Looks more … dignified, as befitting the seriousness of the discourse.

  3. Way to go TOTD, like the new page and that you got your own domain! I’m glad that there are no more magically appearing pictures and pages that get longer and longer, it’s more straightforward.

    I’m an occasional reader that will be coming back more, thanks for your dead-ication and humor.

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