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After the post mentioning Bobby’s semi-forgotten foray into children’s bookery, Panther Dreams, I was idly and half-assedly thinking of checking whether there was more about the book out there when new commentator Bozosandboners did the homework for me; I appreciate it and wish more of you would take his (or her, but probably his) lead in being proactive. This is a team effort, folks.


You seem touchy.

Do not encourage the comment section.

They seem so lovely.

Tricksy and false, the lot of ’em.

Will you cheer up if I show you this?

bobby pantherfaceYeah, that would cheer me up.

I know, right?

What’s Bobby’s face doing?

They turned the camera on and Bobby forgot how to act like a human.

He’s not an actor.

Phil was on a cop show with Don Johnson.


Yeah. Nash Bridges. It was in set in Frisco. Cheech was on it.

Who was Phil playing?

Phil was playing himself.

How was he?

I did not believe him in the role.

Can we get back to it?

Sure: all through the Dead’s career, and especially when they got huge, they did charity shows and benefits and raised money for all sorts of righteous causes; they still do. The Dead was far more charitable towards the world than it was towards itself.

And in addition the shows and the Rex Foundation and the other stuff that Bobby does, he must have realized that any Deadhead parent worth his or her tie-dye would snap up a children’s book by a real-life Grateful Dead, got the publishing folks on the line and wrangled him and his sister a book deal.

Wendy Weir, who seems like an intelligent and charming person, did the art and Bobby wrote the words; for the audio version, Bobby also did the music. Here is that audio version:

I’m going to level with you: I can’t get through it – though not for quality. It might be a fine story; the art is colorful and stylish; the guitars are, you know: Bobby playing guitar.

And then he starts talking and all I can hear is, “Oh: hey, man.”


  1. honestly bless this blog

  2. holy shit, thank you for this

  3. check this out:

    Through telepathic communication with Jerry Garcia, legendary member of the Grateful Dead, Wendy Weir, sister of Dead guitarist Bob Weir, presents Jerry’s deep, loving, and often humorous insights from the realm of spirit and his wishes not only for the band that has become a cultural phenomenon but for each and every one of us.

    it’s a book. on amazon. “in the spirit: conversations with the spirit of jerry garcia”

  4. also it’s reached the point in the night where shit gets way too funny to be real and I can’t stop chortling every few seconds at “Paperbob Writer”

    yes, 8:15 is my breaking point lol

  5. If the band had a tombstone: “The Dead was far more charitable towards the world than it was towards itself.”

  6. Since I can’t figure out how to post a picture comment, you’ll just have to click on this (the suspense is killing you, right? And no, I don’t know if Wendy is technically cross-eyed):

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