"Jolly Babba" of DeKalb, Illinois, here "...first show was in 1991, last one in 1995 here at Soldier Field, music never stops, music brings people together...", Grateful Dead, Fare Thee Well show, Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, Saturday July 4, 2015.

You look like a party.

“Movable feast, brother.”

Like your parasol.

“Sun’s a killer, plus I’m gender-fluid in regards to my accessories.”


“Well, as you know, ‘parasol’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘ladies’ umbrella.'”

Yeah, I never got better than a B in Spanish, but I know that’s wrong.

“Who you gonna believe: the guy with the rug or the guy talking to himself on the internet?”

Not a bad point.

“I’m actually a trial attorney in real life.”