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Park Life

I could make some sort of half-hearted attempt at going left to right, or concocting some sort of ludicrous rubric, but let’s just agree that there will be skipping all over the place and the drummers will be discussed at length.

  • As with all of the other pictures from this photo shoot, Mickey will be playing the part of “Cocaine Jones.”
  • Dammit, Mrs. Donna Jean: stop beguiling me.
  • Some people will say you shouldn’t advertise another brand in your own publicity. Those people probably also think you shouldn’t wear a sweatband so high up on your head that you look like a pineapple, so fuck ’em and their opinions.
  • “Just keep walking, Dwayne. Don’t make eye contact with the crazy honkies. Just keep walking.”
  • Is Billy holding a beer? There’s no can there, it seems. Does Billy unconsciously carry a tall boy of Coors around?
  • What did Keith know and when did he know it?
  • Mrs. Donna Jean’s hair is longer than Mickey is tall.
  • I mean, they’re all equidistant from the camera, so it’s not perspective doing that to him. (They are on a slight slope, but Mickey’s clearly one of the Wee Folk.)
  • He is the day’s potato salad champion, though.
  • Actually a photo-realistic painting, this piece entitled The Last Days of Garcia’s Fuckability is on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Terrible Dead Art (MoMTDA).
  • The motorcycle boots with the slightly flared jeans, the dark aviators, the complete lack of accessories: Garcia brought his sexy to the park this day in 1977 and, judging by the historical record, left it there.
  • Did they have to do that with Keith literally in between them? Was the pole-climbing the climax of this exchange:
  • “Bet I can climb that pole all the way to the top.”
  • “Why you always braggin’ on yourself, Bobert Weir. So unattractive.”
  • “I’m gonna climb that pole, Mrs. Donna Jean.”
  • “Yeah? And’ I’m gonna watch you climb.”
  • “You gonna watch?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “You like to watch me climb poles in the park?”
  • “Climb any pole you want, sugar.”
  • Were Keith conscious, he would be crying.
  • Sticking with the two of them, it is odd how–even in daylight–Bobby and Mrs. Donna Jean’s lighting seems to be better than everyone else’s.
  • “Take a walk through the park, Dwayne. It’s a nice day, Dwayne. There won’t be a gang of hippie CHUDs there, Dwayne.”
  • Two things you shouldn’t do in white jeans: climb light poles in parks, and wear white jeans at all.


Acceptable Reasons for Mickey’s Appearance:

  • Bit part on Starsky and Hutch.
  • Cocaine.


  1. At first I thought jerry was adjusting an imaginary tie. But maybe he’s sort of weakly re-enacting Bob’s shitty pole climbing.

  2. Or not.

  3. Robin Russell

    May 13, 2015 at 3:07 am

    What is it with Billy’s shirt? And his shoes, for that matter?

  4. Disaster Amnesiac

    May 13, 2015 at 9:30 am

    “…hey, maaaaaaaan….take us to Miles Davis’ apartment…..”

  5. Pretty sure Billy is ready for a fight with that brother gettin’ too close.

  6. Great picture, greater post Mr.ToTd

  7. “equidistant ” is my very favorite word.

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