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Another shot from the great ’76 Day on the Green show(s) the Dead did with The Who. Both the Saturday and Sunday shows are available on Dick’s Picks 33 and if you haven’t heard the ass-blasting Help>Slip>Samson>Slip>Franklin’s, then go get your mother’s sewing kit, stitch up your butt, and eat cheese. Eat it. Eat the cheese.


Two solid ’76 shows from our boys (and Mrs. Donna Jean, looking rather fetching above, but how did the British section of the afternoon go ? Blue-blooded Cardinal Steveb2973 reports on the British portion of the afternoon’s entertainment:

I went to the Sunday show. I remember a lot of Townshend’s famous windmill (and Weir doing a rather feeble imitation during the Dead’s set).

Also, Daltrey swinging his mic at the end of what seemed like an impossibly long cord, then catching it in time for the next verse. That must have been a lot of strain on the cord, because the crew had to replace the mic in mid-song once.

And at the climax of “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” Townshend, who had gone off the stage, coming back on with a long, almost baseball-style slide to accompany Daltrey’s scream.

I mentioned “Johnny B. Goode” earlier. Keith Moon introduced it by saying that Bill Graham had offered them another $100 to play an encore.

Bill later charged the band back the hundred, plus 10% for restocking and another 10% just to see if they’d notice.