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Here are things I did not know about John Popper until I looked him up on Wikipedia:

  • He’s a libertarian.
  • He’s a gun nut.
  • The brim of his fedora is made from flattened harmonicas.

Here is something I did not know about Woody Hayes before I looked him up.

  • Apparently had a whole prior career as a football coach; I assume he had a different haircut.


  1. I’m not even sure Mayer has pinged the Douchdar quite like Popper did one day….

  2. Popper seems like a disgusting misogynist and I’d suggest every woman ever stay far away from him.

  3. Heard Popper on Stern one time in the 90’s recount a real life “When the Levee Breaks” story about how his lardass ripped a wall-mounted toilet right off the wall one time and that’s what finally prompted him to get stomach surgery.

  4. the wife to be and soon to be bearer of the Pooper offspring was previously engaged to Furthur back up singer and current Fall Risk leader, Jeff Pehrson. make your own punchline.

  5. Does the following accurately sum up the comments here?

    Popper is a misogynist because he got pissed at some girls mocking him for being obese.

    I may have misread, but those girls tweet that started it seemed about as rude as any thing I have ever heard a misogynist male say.

    And then some posts here in the comments also mocking him further for being rounder than most.

    Just checking in case I misread.

    I am all into the ineffable drollery of being human, and taking time to laugh communally at the strangeness we all share.

    But I am not into mocking fat people and then ripping on them when they fight back.

    The human who tweets that someone is too fat to masturbate, well if I met them in person I would have to be restrained regardless of their gender, and if someone called that person any type of hate speech I think they get a pass.

    Just because the cruel bullying is started by a girl, does not make it any better.

    Half of what Popper says about those tweeters seems fair. Once the bar has been set so low, and someone is called out like that…

    Man the internet can make us all cruel so easily.

    Sorry that Maggs and others have to grow up in the age of the “superhighway of hate”

    Sorry for not being funny..
    Carry on.

    • Dude, I totally agree. Those girls had no business making those comments and I’m sorry I made it seem like I was okay with them. You cannot claim to be against misogyny but support the taking down of men at the same time. I should have further elucidated my comment by saying that he seems like a guy who thinks he’s better than everyone else, and the fact that he has all those weapons adds to the creepiness… I wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with him. Plus, he wears fedoras. Dafuq bro???

      (At the end of the day, I really actually don’t like to make strong assumptions about people until I know who they truly are. The reason humans judge is for personal safety; our brains are wired to detect patterns to decide if something is okay or not, and this dude just seems a little off. Don’t apologize for not being funny — we need to call each other out on things in a constructive way once in a while.) 🙂

    • I too am growing tired of — and I don’t like to be cliche, but I can’t think of another term to describe the forthcoming — society’s nature to feel it okay to speak unkindly of others online and even in real life. I know I’m guilty of this so my hands are far from clean (*cough* JOHN MAYER, ET AL) but it’s just getting exhausting. I can’t hang out with my friends without them bringing up other people and seeming so bored with their own lives that they have to discuss the lives of others (mind you, they’re not doing this in a particularly positive manner. But teens are teens). If people could just leave each other alone and be happy for peaceful humans’ existences then the world might be able to unclench its asshole for a few fuckin seconds we could all chillax.

  6. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 16, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    We were all meant for better things…

  7. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 16, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    “Thank you and good evening music lovers!”

  8. I wouldnt take Twitter wars too seriously as they are the internet version of a dick measuring contest.

    Yes, her first tweet wasnt exactly tactful, but it wasnt out of the blue, it was in response to Popper goin on VH1 and talking about his lovely masturbatory habits:

    “Popper went on a Vh1 Behind the Music episode on Blues Traveler and admitted that one of the reasons he decided to lose weight was that he was so heavy he would get exhausted during masturbation and have to stop before he finished.”

    Ok nice to know that….thanks John.

    As far as fat jokes, there’s fat and there’s breaking toilets off the wall fat.
    He brought it up on Stern and they all busted his balls for it. Maybe doesnt make it right, but it was hard not to laugh at the story at the time.

  9. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 16, 2015 at 6:41 pm


  10. “The heroin was bad enough, but did you absolutely have to chase it with ice cream, you fat dead bastard? Why couldn’t you have been one of those skinny junkies?” – TOTD January 22, 2012

    /drops mic, smashes “Wrap It Up” button on this thread

  11. The failure of Gov’t Mule to have failed to record songs titles “Three Yards & a Cloud of Dust” or “Neck-Punchin’ a Kid from Clemson” has never made any sense to me. Embrace your past, yo!

  12. 1a) any public figure using the C*** word on Twitter is kinda dumb.
    1b) even engaging with idiots on Twitter is kinda dumb.

    Assign your own bias star rating to #2 &#3 (+ or -).

    2) he is a gun nut.
    3) he has appeared on Fox & Friends

  13. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 16, 2015 at 7:27 pm

  14. You are all wonderful, excuse me if I over-reacted, I thought the masturbation anti-popper tweet was out of the blue, if he started the conversation, then well there are better ways to discuss the discomfort of obesity.

    — you all think I weigh 300 pounds, now– That is alright, but incorrect.

    • Ha…nice to see you back, its all good, no over-reaction.
      Fat shaming should be called out.

      300 lbs of Heavenly Joy is great Howlin’ Wolf song.

      • This blog, and the self-aware comments section bring me great joy.

        Perhaps Jerry and Carlos getting their Hispano on sums up the madness of it all better than words can say..

  15. How great would it be if Blues Traveler read and commented on this post

    • Is he our friend now ? Man things move so quickly.

      I need a week on an Ice Floe to sort this all out.

      I treat both my harmonicas and my firearms in a way that any enthusiast would be disgusted by so if he is coming over, I need a moment to get ready.

  16. Those two are about to kiss. You can tell

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