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People Still Voting For Donald Trump At This Point

  • Drivers who swerve to hit turtles in the road.
  • Possessors of fraudulent handicapped-parking tags.
  • The secretly racist.
  • The casually racist.
  • The gleefully racist.
  • Stupid and immature children who think “burning it all down and starting again” is actually an option, and that they wouldn’t be the first people eaten after the food ran out.
  • Rural dummies.
  • Urban idiots.
  • Suburban morons.
  • If people who lived on houseboats voted, then they would vote for Trump, except people who live on houseboats do not or can not vote.
  • Cops with mustaches. (Straight only: gay cops with mustaches are surely voting for Hillary. Clean-shaven cops fall all over the political spectrum, but all straight cops with mustaches are voting for Trump.)
  • Carnies.
  • The pinchfaced.
  • The sourpussed.
  • патриоты.
  • Sad and terrifying women who hate their gender.
  • Predictable, but also sad and terrifying, men who also hate that gender.
  • Rapists, date.
  • Rapists, gang.
  • Rapists, old-school. (Hiding behind a bush in a semen-encrusted trenchcoat and attacking Kitty Genovese.)
  • Scott Baio.


  1. I disagree about carnies.

  2. You forgot Chachis…..

  3. #trucknutzamerica

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    October 22, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    maybe not meg or jodie

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