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Phil And Elvis (The Other One)

phil elvis costello
You two look snazzy.

“The boys told me skinny ties were back in. Got me a purple one.”

“Oy, mate. Up me grimpers wif a Charlie Chuzzlewhit?”



I know Elvis Costello is British: I just didn’t know he was that British.

“Rumpy-pumpy inna corner flat, Guvn’r?”

“Just ignore him.”



“So what? I got a gig that night. Shapiro’s place: he built the dressing room the way I want it. Plus all the cats I hired? I fucking hired them. I’ve left guitarists on the side of the road in the middle of the night.”

I heard that story, yeah.

“Listen, man: you remember that thing when my liver stopped working and they had to put another guy’s in me?”

I also heard that story.

“It’s all borrowed. Every day is a borrowed one. It’s a gift, man, and I will not spend one more day of it having the same amount of votes as Mickey.”

Concisely put.

“Scouser wit’ a wee cheeky butty dinna onna ‘er Majesty, gor blimey.

“I think he’s just making that up.”

Yeah. Phil?


Don’t mention Ray Charles.



  1. you mean me?

  2. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    August 5, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    this must be at The CorrieCon. phil & e did a tribute to Deidre.

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