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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Phil And Friends (Y Amigo)

Phil and Friends are on now, and they sound great; Carlos Santana is playing with them and I need someone to be honest with me: Trey stole a lick or two from Carlos Santana, didn’t he?

Also: Phil’s hair is thicker than her’s and that is just weird.


  1. i kno exactly how u found this STALKER

  2. Is that Katypoo?

  3. Phish did 2 full tours with santana, one as an opener, and one as a mostly split bill. Treyvon and Santana shared/shred many times together. Definitely helped the young pup grow up.

  4. Saw one of the Phish-Santana shows in 1992. Vail, Colo. Included about a 45 minute Trey-Carlos headcuttin’ session, interrupted by ridiculous vacuum cleaner solo.

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