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Phil And Phrenemies


  • Oh, God, no.
  • None of this, please.
  • Oedipus didn’t claw out his eyes because of the motherfucking, it was because he saw this picture.
  • Is that Jeremy Sisto?
  • Can someone get that poor woman some heels, or at least get her to poof her hair up a bit?
  • Is that Dave Grohl?
  • Over/under on the price of Jim Muffler’s jeans is set at $699.
  • The lady is pretty enough to get away with just straight-up wearing a tablecloth.
  • Does Dave Grohl have his key to his bus locker dangling in front of his potato salad?
  • Seriously: everything about Left Shart over there screams “stay away.”
  • I would like to abort that guy.
  • Although, at his age, I think the act is legally called murder.
  • Either way, I’d icepick the soft part of his head, then vacuum him out of his van.
  • That fucker owns a van.
  • Look at the size of Number Two’s forehead.
  • It’s like the Steppe.
  • It stands for Shitty Vacant Guitarist.
  • I have deliberately not mentioned the person I have deliberately not mentioned.
  • Phil looks superb.


  1. Number 2 is Stu Allen, the new Fake Jerry at TXR since John K stopped showing up. He’s real good and we like him, and he knows his place. Number 3 is young Alex Koford, percussion and vocals. He’s ok but it pisses me off that he uses Jackie Greene’s phrasing when singing Scarlet Begonias.

    No idea who the fuck the rest might be.

    Keep it up brother. You help me navigate the current GD madness far more than you can ever know.

    Come to TXR somehow, soon. You owe it to yourself. Phil takes care of us.

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  2. Robin Russell

    June 18, 2015 at 1:18 am

    Here is the same rowdy crowd strutting their stuff:

  3. I was right there with you until I had to Gresearch “Jeremy Sistoo.”


  4. with his unmentionable choice of footwear

  5. btw, that truck behind them belongs to ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’…it cost more than 3 of my houses:

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