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Phil Lesh: Bullet Dodger

phil laughing sweater lindley bw
Hey, Phil. Whatcha laughing about?


The latest debacle?


What pushed you over the edge to hilarity? Brett Ratner?


Is it that it turns out that Peter Shapiro is actually a stand-up guy who understands the Dead?


Will you be doing any free shows?


Good talk, Phil.

“Brett fuckin’ Ratner.”

I can’t see: are you making the jerk off motion?

“Better believe it.”


  1. Brett driving around with Michael Jackson..

    • My mind breaks trying to do the math on what it means to claim to be a close friend of Michael Jackson?

      Put it this way, if you did stuff that Michael did, what would you want a “friend” to do ?

      Something dear god, please do something beside shoot videos of me dancing in the car.

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