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Phil Lesh Sits With Excellent Posture And Answers Questions

phil jay blakesburg

How many times did the water bottle get knocked over before someone figured that trick out?

Additionally of note: Phil’s 76th birthday is coming up and he doesn’t look a day over 75.  He has a proud posture and a new Apple watch. There could not be a more obvious “yes” answer to a question than, “Has Phil called his Tesla to him with his Apple Watch?” Maybe “Did Phil make Jill come and watch him do it, like, three times?”

Also, on Phil’s right arm is his new Apple sweatband. It has Bluetooth.

What Jay Blakesburg is pointing at may be guessed in the all-new, chromed-out, luxury-package Comment Section.


Is that Tiger? And, wait, what? There are two? (Partially obscured behind Jay: white pickups.) Did Phil borrow them for the night? I don’t think you’re allowed to borrow any of Garcia’s guitars anymore. (I mean: you weren’t allowed to borrow them when he was alive, but I’m pretty sure no one ever asked.) Garcia’s guitars–even the minor ones–now go out On Loan.

Or are those Fake Jerry guitars? Does Phil make his band play Fake Jerry guitars, like how you had to dye your hair when you joined KISS? (Because I don’t get that. No judgement, but having yourself a Fake Jerry axe crafted by Alembic–has to be Alembic or it doesn’t count–just confuses me. Do you go all the way and strap on a fake beard and shove a pillow under your shirt? But, hey: different strokes for different Enthusiasts. If you’ve got a couple grand to spend on a guiHOLY SHIT, THEY’RE ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.)

I demand answers.


  1. Well, without research (or looking closely at the picture), it could be any two out of Tiger, Rosebud, or Lightening Bold, if we’re thinking they’re actual Jerry guitars.

  2. Having been to Terrapin Crossroads, I can assure you that Jay is pointing at the sunset over Mount Tam.

  3. “You there. You realize I really do know Phil, right? Like, we’re pals. For real. OK, just making sure.”

  4. That’s a Tiger replica. Stu’s been playing Jer replicas, usually just for one set of the year shows. The black guitar on the left is Stu’s. It’s made by Matt Moriarty who is THE guy for Jer style guitars….

  5. This was monday…’84…fun night. Real tiger. Owned by a guy in the audience. Stu played it some first set. Stu’s regular guitar has similar look.

    Phil drives a panamera.

    Blue wristband is embroidered with “cody”. Available for purchase, no one has ever bought one.

    Stu is awesome. On this night it was Dew. Just completely crushed it. Last time it was standing on the moon….By the end, Phil was laughing/ crying like everyone else. Not sure what he said to Stu after but I guarantee it wasn’t “that was almost as good as jerry.”

    Btw…turns out Bob has the harder pair of shoes to fill. Who woulda guessed? There’s only one who comes close…Eaton.

    The duct tape drink holder? An old VW bus trick.

  6. Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts owns the real Tiger.

  7. Will any of this music make me even slightly emotional?

  8. If you really need to scratch that itch, phred instruments makes the working enthusiast’s replicas.

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