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Phisherman’s Cap

benjy eisen mike gordon

Hey, Mike.

“Oh, am I part of your nonsense now?”

I actually listened to some great stuff from The Phishes today. Really enjoyed it: some ’97 from Amsterdam.

“Yeah, they were great shows. Um…”


“This is?”

Oh, that’s Benjy Eisen. He belongs to Billy.

“Can Billy come get him?”

Ah. No. Y’see: Billy did Conan last night, so he was up real late assblasting 22-year-old PA’s.



How does Benjy smell?

“Like my number one fan.”


  1. Conan announced to his audience at 11:35PM USEast to go watch Letterman’s swan song. I’m serious, he did. Bill walked onto Conan’s stage a few mins later. I did not see Bill’s interview. I doubt many people did. BTW, who got the miracle ticket at the LA Book signing?

  2. There’s something about Benjy’s crazy motherfucker face and the fact they are both wearing jean vests. What exactly *is* going on in this picture?

  3. Mike looks like he’s about to puke. look at his eyes, he’s completely annihilated. his swollen face. his very pail color. he does not look good at all. dude is going to hurl.

  4. Robin Russell

    May 21, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Benjy’s T shirt worries me. I am not certain exactly what it is, but what I can see is very disturbing.

  5. Seriously though. Mike does not look good. How old is this picture?


    that’s from 2009 and i think that hat is a match to the original pic.

  7. “Hey Benjy…. are you into ‘art’ photos?”

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