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Photoshop Contest

IMG_2388Hey, what’s that sign Bobby’s holding up really say?

Winner gets to take a nap on that couch, which looks unbearably comfortable. You will have use of the blanket; Bobby may or may not sing you to sleep.


  1. aw, shit. I was so ready to do this, but idk how to get the text off of the sign using the instasize app. you can edit the shit out of photos on that one.

    i’m too lazy (and busy, for that matter. I should be working) to do it any other way.

    • yo, but one time I did successfully make one of him holding a sign that said, “I’m Bob Weir and I fucked your mom” because that’s what teenage girls do in their free time.

    • Maggie,

      I just downloaded it and loaded it into PowerPoint (actually Keynote) then put a text box on top, and then screenshot and tweet.

      Anything that allows you to superimpose should do it.

      Just tweeted it at ToTD and Maggiemay.

      Quick but tolerable, if my muse comes by I may do another.

      * quick note to Comment Section.. create something man *


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