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Phree Phil!

phil black red bass

Phil didn’t play this thing for long, but he should have: it’s gnarly. Do the red parts glow in the dark? I think we can assume so.

Also: TXR will be rocking for another of Phil and Phriend’s free shows (he does a lot, actually) in the Grate Room, and as usual, Radio Busterdog will be streaming.

(A quick aside: streaming used to be called simulcasting, and it took a truck and several technicians and cost thousands of dollars. We live in the future.)


  1. 21st Century Dead

    May 13, 2016 at 7:57 am

    I loved that bass, especially for the Larry and Teresa/Furthur lineup Phil had at the Cap. It did in fact glow on the dark.

  2. “The future? It’s not here yet, man. – Firesign Theater

    Phil doing free shows? It’s great to know he’s keeping the spirit alive. Garcia would be pleased. Meanwhile, Bobby, pulled the soundboards from the archives, and everything is for sale.

    He probably ought to quit hanging arounds those kids at the Bohemian Grove.

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