Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Pig On The Wing

Hey, Pig. Whatcha doing?

“Aw, hell: them ragamuffins is playing that damn voodoo music again and the ol’ Pig is jus’ tryin’ to find something to do! Rattled my tambourine, drank me some beer, and now I’m whackin’ and crackin’ on these here bongos.”


“Don’ matter: I can’t play either of ’em.”

So play the organ.

“I can’t play this nonsense! The Pig’s a bluesman, and these boys makin’ a racket sounds like the soundtrack to a porn flick starring the Devil himself!”

You’re helping, at least.

“These damn things ain’t even miked! I jus’ play it cuz it wouldn’t look right to sit here readin’ a magazine!”



  1. Looks like a metal bowl of some type on organ. Still available for purchase at my local Citgo.

  2. Clear the stage, Pig goin full on BOAR.

  3. Is that Lt. O’Hura on that cover of Ebony?

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